Two Padded Quiet Rooms for Ontario School Board

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 3, 2020 9:15:00 AM

    Working closely with school boards and a variety of other athletic and healthcare facilities, we have spent plenty of time designing and installing specially padded rooms around the world. With an increasing need, whether they be simple timeout or calming rooms or complex sensory environments, we are delighted to lend our expertise wherever required.

    Having worked with school boards in the past by providing them with athletic equipment such as basketball systems or bleachers, we are often the first call when it comes to designing one of these rooms. With a team of designers on staff, we truly can create a plan that will serve not only the needs of the facility, but of the end-users as well. Recently, a school board in the province of Ontario reached out to our team to consult on two new padded quiet rooms in a couple of schools in their jurisdiction. As with many of these projects in the region, we partnered up with the team at King Carpentry and worked closely to secure the proper measurements for each room and to get us every detail required to bring these rooms to life. The walls, floors and doors all needed to be padded and all padding also needed to be fire-rated. 

    Working with the experienced carpenters at King Carpentry who consistently provide our design team with precise and accurate measurements, ensures the success of our installations and allows these projects to be completed efficiently and seamlessly. 


    Following the approval process, our production team got busy producing the padding for the schools within the school board. It wasn’t long before each piece of padding was completed, safely packaged and shipped directly to the schools for installation.

    It was there where the team at King Carpentry met the shipment, unpacked and installed the padding with laser-like accuracy.This once again proved to be a successful partnership not only between our organization and a local school board, but also a testament to the quality and reliability of our dealer network. 

    If your school has a need for some custom fire-rated padding for a safe-room, the team here at Sports Systems will find a way to perform a site visit, imagine and design the best solution, and to execute the perfect installation.




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