Updating Community Parks in Cornwall, Ontario

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 26, 2022 10:56:46 AM


    In Canada, public parks are commonplace and easily blend in with the scenery. With convenient access to a variety of outdoor venues, it is easy to forget the intentionality and effort that allowed for these facilities to be built. Wishing to maintain the same proactive approach that established these parks, the city of Cornwall reached out to Sport Systems and requested help in the renovation of several locations. Visiting multiple parks throughout the city, our team ultimately replaced aging bleachers with new, state-of-the-art alternatives.

    One of the stops that our team made was at Adams Park on Twelfth Street East and Sydney Street. Located in a residential neighborhood, this park not only offers a playground for children to enjoy, but a baseball diamond for residents of all ages. On our quest to help revitalize Cornwall’s parks, we replaced this location’s current seating with two sets of our popular 5-tier 21-foot bleachers with guardrails.

    Our next stop was Kinsmen Park, located on Third Street East and Carleton Street. A popular community resource, this location mirrors Adams Park but with the addition of a tennis court. With the aforementioned resources available, the city utilized this location over the summer for its popular Summer Playground Program. Supporting the increased foot traffic at this location, Sport Systems provided two sets of 5-tier 21-foot bleachers with guardrails.

    Sport-Systems-Bleachers-City-of-Cornwall-Park-2-ResizedFinally, our team addressed the old bleachers that were present in Optimist Park. Located at 301 Sunnyside Avenue, this park holds significance to its community due to the park’s history. Formerly an organized dumping ground, the Optimist Club of Cornwall converted it to a recreational space in 1948. Over the years, it has seen numerous improvements including a playground, baseball diamond, basketball court, bike path access, outdoor rink, skate park, club house and, now, a new set of bleachers.

    Our effort towards renovating Cornwall’s community parks has been a process. Previously, we serviced three other locations, making a total of six collaborations with the city. Understanding that even the smallest contributions can result in a major impact, we are thrilled to have an ongoing partnership with the city of Cornwall. We hope to continue working with them in the near future.


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