Upgrading St. Theresa High Secondary School with Code-Compliant Kodiak 2400 Series Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 11, 2021 8:15:00 AM

    With regards to retractable bleachers, there are a number of facilities that are still operating with outdated set ups. Although they are not all necessarily in disrepair, the fact remains that as the older they get, the risk for failure and possible injury increases.

    Highlighting what has become a trend in our industry, we receive many requests either to service these old systems, providing solutions to repair them or, in this most recent case, replace them all together.

    We were invited by key stakeholders from the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board to have a look inside the gymnasium at St. Theresa Secondary School in Belleville, Ontario. Concerned with the age and operational health of the existing wooden bleachers, they tasked our team with providing the right solution.

    As with many of these bleachers, they are seldom compliant with current NBC and OBC building codes and provide various health and safety hazards, not to mention the fact that they can also be very troubling to operate by maintenance staff.

    The school was looking to make a splash and a new set of 2400 telescopic bleachers would do just that. Once our team was awarded the project, we worked closely with stakeholders on the project to plan the removal and demolition of the existing bleachers and the placement of what would be two new banks of retractable bleachers.

    With some inconvenient design elements in the gymnasium, our team worked on a plan to close off some of the pocket walls in the gym to facilitate the new bleachers. Given their size, the existing wall structure would no longer be necessary, and now the upgrade truly gives the gymnasium a new look.

    Following removal of the old bleachers and the arrival of two new banks of telescopic bleachers, our installation team worked diligently to install the new seating in a timely fashion. 

    The end result is an overall fantastic upgrade to the gymnasium at St. Theresa Secondary School.



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