Volleyball Referee Stands & Optional Padding

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 10, 2015 4:00:00 AM


    What might come as a surprise to some is that the sport of volleyball ranks second behind the sport of soccer among participation sports around the world. Invented in 1895 in Massachusetts, volleyball initially grew exponentially within the United States, but now boasts over 800 million active players across the globe.

    While we do specialize in a variety of both indoor and outdoor volleyball systems, we also carry an extensive line of accompanying accessories that can both enhance the playing experience and provide a professional feel to game play. One such accessory that has become much more of a staple for many facilities and organizations is the volleyball referee stand. These stands allow referees or officials a perch above floor level to make accurate calls such as scoring and faults or errors during game play. Referee stands also provide participants with a consistent location for officials so they can quickly comprehend the in-game signals from the referees.

    Below are a couple of our referee stands that compliment any of our volleyball systems along with safety padding options, giving your game and facility an extra edge when it comes to participant safety.

    6446 Referee Stand


    Our most popular and versatile option is our 6446 model. The product’s versatility comes in its ability to function as either a fixed or free-standing structure. These products are shipped with “V” brackets that easily attach directly to your post for a fixed configuration, or can be assembled using the sturdy legs for the free-standing option. These legs are fully adjustable and are finished in a white powder coating.

    6448 Collapsible Referee Stand


    This product shares all the same attributes as the 6446 (above), with the only difference being that it has the ability to completely collapse, allowing for easy storage.

    6040 Volleyball Referee Stand Safety Pad


    Easy to install, this product is truly “right out of the box”. This padding comprises of dense foam wrapped with reinforced vinyl that features a Velcro® attachment that ensures installation is a breeze. This padding is available in fifteen different colour varieties to help you best match team or organization colours.

    6040SQ Square Volleyball Referee Stand Safety Pad


    Constructed from the same material and specification as our 6040 (above) safety padding, this padding solution provides a completely covered referee stand. The square shape of the pad easily slips on top of your referee stand and is secured using the included Velcro® attachments.



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