Wall Mounting Solutions for Basketball Backstops

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 22, 2015 1:29:24 PM


    Wall-mounted basketball systems, which includes backboards, rims and nets, is one of the most popular configurations of basketball goals we sell, service and install. With a variety of designs, these basketball goals are a favourite for indoor and outdoor facilities that often serve as multi-sport or multi-use locations, serving a number of different needs.

    This is a department that certainly has evolved over the years as we have been faced with some interesting mounting challenges from many different customers. As no two facilities are exactly alike, we often turn to our in-house design team to creatively draft innovative configurations as needed.

    Today we offer four main configurations which seem to cover most of the needs of our diverse clientele, but we are proud to customize any project when the need arises.

    Here are our four basic configurations for wall-mounted basketball systems:

    3-Point Stationary Mount

    This product carries a lot of value and is the best choice for organizations that might be experiencing budget constraints. The mounting structure is attached directly to the goal and features a telescopic design, with all the necessary hardware included with the purchased product.


    4-Point Stationary Mount

    As the name suggests, this mounting package is very similar to that of our 3-point mount, but features one additional extension arm for added support. This system also includes upper safety chains to provide additional safety and support for the structure.


    Swing-Up Wall Mount

    Moving away from the stationary solutions, our swing-up mounted basketball goal provides facilities and operators with another level of versatility. These systems swing up vertically for easy storage, up and out of the way. When in play, these systems take the form of our 4-point stationary mount, but are quickly raised with help from the manual winch or electric hoist, depending on your preferred configuration.


    Side-Fold Wall Mount This side-fold basketball backstop system is another option for those looking to increase use and have a basketball system that easily folds away when not in use. Much like our swing-up mount, these systems also lock into the traditional 4-point stationary position when in use and are horizontally folded when not needed, eliminating interference with other court activities.


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