Waukesha South High School Receives New Indoor Pool Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 26, 2022 4:27:47 PM

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    Kryptonite is to Superman as rust is to metal. The strength and integrity of metal can be compromised if not regularly maintained. Many have learned this lesson the hard way, with their kitchen knives or vehicles, once the oxidation process has accelerated beyond repair. Addressing the frustrations of rusted equipment, Waukesha South High School reached out to the Carroll Seating Company to replace the corroded indoor bleachers located in their pool room.

    In response to Waukesha South High School’s request for help, Carroll Seating contacted our team at Sport Systems. With a large portfolio of successful indoor and outdoor bleacher projects, our team confidently accepted the invitation to collaborate with them. Upon teaming up with our new partners, we began work right away on providing a top-of-the-line product that Carroll Seating would then install at the school in Wisconsin.

    Due to the humid climate of indoor pools, our team determined that our galvanized pool bleachers would be the best seating solution for Waukesha South High School’s needs. Offering so much more than durability, these bleachers provide flexibility to the school’s space as well as additional storage options. When hosting competitive swim meets, this 14-tier set of bleachers is able to accommodate a large group of spectators, all while allowing for ample storage space below the structure.

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    The results of Sport Systems’ collaboration with Carroll Seating were more than satisfactory. Not only was Carroll Seating impressed with the product we provided them, but Waukesha South High School was pleased with the excellent service that they received from our partners. Everyone benefited from this collaboration, and the woes of rusted pool bleachers have been eliminated for years to come!

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