What is the difference between Grandstands and Stadium Bleachers?

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 12, 2023 8:31:00 AM



    We field many questions here on a daily basis and one that comes up more often than most would think, is the difference between Grandstand and Stadium Bleacher seating. This quick article will go over the two setups in detail, including the main differences, draw backs and benefits to each seating system.


    Grandstands  are the larger, more complex seating systems when comparing the two. Grandstands may have basic bench seating-but can also feature individual chair back seats. They can sometimes be seen covered with a roof-but are open on the front, can be multi-tiered, have various-sized press boxes and can feature a covered bandstand.

    Stadium Bleachers

    Bleachers are much smaller than grandstands and are both much more basic and versatile. They consist of raised, tiered rows of benches. Stairways access the horizontal rows at each stair step. Stadium bleachers are commonly found at places like high school baseball fields, softball fields, soccer fields, rodeos and racetracks. 

    There are a variety of different types of bleachers:

    Arena Bleachers

    Found in most hockey rinks, typical arena bleacher systems feature hot-dip galvanized steel framework and a variety of seating options ranging from bench seating, seatpan seating, and shell seats.

    Telescopic Pool Bleachers

    Constructed from galvanized steel, and resistant to the high humidity environment found in aquatic facilities, these telescopic pool bleachers offer durability and versatility.   They are easily expanded for spectator use, or retracted to allow for full use of pool deck.

    Tip & Roll Bleachers

    Portable Tip N' Roll bleachers are perfect for indoor auxiliary seating requirements. These mobile bleacher systems rest on non-marring rubber foot pads, which protect your hardwood gymnasium floor and keep the unit firmly in place. These lightweight aluminum bleachers are tipped easily on their swivel casters for movement, while caster brakes prevent the unit from moving when in storage.


    Transportable Bleachers (Bleacher Tow Kits)

    Think versatility when it comes to your ability to safely transport bleachers. For many schools and agricultural societies, the ability to move bleachers to different locations easy is of top concern. We provide custom design kits that allow most any type of outdoor bleacher to be hauled using a truck or tractor. These transportable bleacher units can be hitched to maintenance vehicles for easy relocation within your portfolio of facilities.  Standard permanent angle frame bleachers may also be retrofitted with tow kits when the need arises. 

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