When Your Facility Should Consider Retractable or Telescopic Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    May 15, 2014 4:30:00 AM


    Choosing the proper bleacher system for your athletic facility is never an easy task, as there are a variety of variable that can come in to play during the selection period. When choosing outdoor bleachers, the choice can be narrowed down quite a bit based on type of system and number of seats needed.

    Indoor seating systems can be another breed. There too exists a varied selection depending on the specific needs of your athletic facility.

    A main point of interest for most looking at indoor bleacher seating options is versatility. This is a strong point for the telescopic bleacher system (also known as retractable or reverse fold bleachers).

    Telescopic bleachers give your facility an extra level of versatility and can be an instrumental in maximizing the allotted space in your particular facility. Today, facility managers are always looking for innovative solutions to the specific needs of their facility with regards to allocated space for sports, participants and spectators.

    In facility’s such as school gyms, recreation centers and pool decks, the telescopic bleacher is a no-brainer. These unique fold-away seating solutions give athletic facilities the best of both worlds, a secure and comfortable seating area for their spectators as well as the ability to retract the seating for extending the facility’s floor space.

    The only relative drawback to telescopic seating is that of size constraints. Obviously given the nature and size of your facility, these systems typically are only able to accommodate 18-22 rows of seating at most for safety reasons.

    On another note; all retractable bleacher systems we sell give you the option to choose custom colors to match your home team, and we also over custom lettering to really make your telescopic bleacher system a permanent part of your athletics program. (pictured above)

    If you happen to be sitting on the fence about whether or not telescopic bleachers are right for you, reach out to a member of our knowledgeable and award winning sales team. Our team is always more than happy to finding the right combination of versatility, durability and safety when it comes to your purchase of spectator seating.

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