Keeping Balls Inside the Ball Diamonds with Two New Netting Barriers in North Middlesex

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Jul 22, 2024 6:59:49 AM


With the bats officially swinging now in southern Ontario, this project came to fruition long before this year’s baseball season got underway. During the fall of 2023, the Municipality of North Middlesex reached out to us to help them keep balls in play at a couple of their local ball diamonds and we vigorously answered the call.

With the big bats dominating last year’s season, concerns were on the rise at both Parkhill Park and Ailsa Craig Community Park. With homes located nearby, balls were occasionally landing very close by or, in some cases, inside the yards and key stakeholders wanted to rectify the situation before someone got hurt. Add in the fact that these two ball diamonds were now also closely situated to new skateparks, the municipality wasted no time sourcing a solution to protect those users as well.

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Complete Gym Wall Padding for Franklin Elementary School in Newark

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Jul 15, 2024 7:14:23 AM


Working closely with our esteemed partners at Tri-State Folding Partitions, we were happy to be brought in to collaborate on another project in beautiful Newark, New Jersey. As a budding extension of the greater New York metropolitan area, Newark offers plenty of opportunities and our partners at Tri-State are always leading the charge.

On this project, we were brought in to aid with a request from an elementary school located in the North Ward of Newark. With key stakeholders from Franklin Elementary working directly with Tri-State on some upcoming renovations to their gymnasium, the discussion around wall padding was thrust to the forefront. Looking to provide students and athletes with an all-encompassing padding solution to the gymnasium, they were in search of some highly customized padding designs.

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New Barrier Netting for the Amberwood Village Golf and Recreation Club

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Jul 8, 2024 10:52:19 AM


Nestled quietly in one of Ottawa’s western suburbs lies the   Amberwood Village Golf and Recreation Club. Situated on 50-acres land, the club is now made up of a challenging 9-hole golf course, a 60-foot heated outdoor swimming pool and 10 brand new pickleball courts.

While the golf course has always been abuzz with local golfers, it is the newly-minted pickleball courses that seem to have experienced the biggest amount of growth. Following the pandemic, the Club went through a number of improvements across all of their facilities, including the pool and pickleball courts. 

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Folding Partition Replacement for W.O. Mitchell Elementary

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Jul 1, 2024 6:20:40 AM


One of the most common upgrades we perform in school gymnasiums is the removal and replacement of outdated folding partitions. These large and clunky structures were once used to separate gymnasiums, but were ultimately found to be potentially hazardous causing a number of unfortunate accidents, including severe injury and even death. So when their functionality begins to look compromised, most operators are quick to look for a replacement.

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Bringing Soccer to a Whole New Level at the Cambridge Soccer Centre

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Jun 24, 2024 4:00:00 AM


The growth of soccer here in North America has been remarkable, to say the least. The sport’s popularity has exploded in both Canada and the United States over the past two decades and shows no signs of slowing down.

As more state-of-the-art pitches, fields and complexes continue to be designed and built, each one seems to be more impressive than the last. 

We were fortunate to have been brought in on the construction side of one such complex in the beautiful Waterloo area of Ontario. The Cambridge Soccer Centre has been the brainchild of the family-oriented city of Cambridge. After having developed the plans for the project in 2018, it officially got off the ground in 2021, garnering plenty of excitement for the future of soccer in the southwestern Ontario city.

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New Ceiling-Suspended Basketball Systems for the Heron Road Community Centre

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Jun 17, 2024 6:30:19 AM


Located just south of the city’s downtown core, the Heron Road Community Centre has been a staple for Ottawa residents since it first opened. The community hub now offers a wide selection of recreational activities for preschoolers to older adults, including dance classes, piano lessons, summer camps, sports, martial arts and fitness classes. 

The facility also boasts a weight and cardio room, a number of multi-use rooms, a kitchen, a new theatre, and a full-service gymnasium. Having a longstanding relationship with the City of Ottawa, we were brought in recently to assess the condition of a number of existing basketball systems in the aforementioned gymnasium.

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Back-to-Back Bleachers at Bowes Ball Park

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Jun 3, 2024 9:36:54 AM


It seems as though a new story of a set of condemned bleachers pops up in news headlines each and every week. As schools and municipalities scramble to install seating ahead of upcoming sports and summer seasons, there are times when issues such as code compliance get overlooked and can result in brand new bleachers surrounded by yellow caution tape. While code compliance can vary across municipalities and other jurisdictions, there are a few set guidelines that seem to transcend all of these regulations.

Those mostly include design aspects such as double-footboards and double-riser planks used on the top row of seating but can include other items such as guardrails on certain sizes of bleacher seating as well.

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We Are Looking for a New Dealer in the Great State of Pennsylvania

Posted by Ryan Wilby

May 30, 2024 7:06:54 AM


When it comes to sports in the state of Pennsylvania, there is arguably no better fan base on the planet. Whether vehemently cheering for the Eagles, Phillies or Flyers in the eastern portion of the state or the Penguins, Steelers and Pirates in the east, Pennsylvania has plenty to offer.

Add in premiere collegiate and high school sports and you’ve got a state that truly never stops producing. As part of that, we’ve had a long-standing relationship with the Keystone state and their athletic programming over the years. Having performed a number of projects with our former partners, Pennsylvania is one of those places that produced projects that we still talk about to this day.

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Taking It All in at the Gared Performance Sport Systems Architectural Equipment Dealer Show

Posted by Ryan Wilby

May 28, 2024 11:36:49 AM


While there’s nothing we enjoy more than building a better game out on the court or on the sports field, there are times when we take it indoors and enjoy some time with our esteemed partners.

With one of the strongest dealer networks on the planet, we’re admittedly a bit boastful of our dealers and all of the fabulous work they produce. From large-scale outdoor bleachers and grandstands to state-of-the-art indoor basketball systems, our team covers it all through our dealer network worldwide.

Earlier this month we were cordially invited to Gared Performance Sport Systems (formerly Performance Sport Systems) to take in their annual Architectural Equipment Dealer Show. The event took place just outside of beautiful Richmond, Virginia and the only thing that could have rivaled the beauty and charm of the Richmond area was the new venue in which the show was held.

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Play Ball!  The Netting Is Up at Ottawa’s Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park

Posted by Ryan Wilby

May 20, 2024 4:30:00 AM


Along with the arrival of spring,  the last couple of months has brought plenty of growth. Along with the sprouting of flowers and the budding of trees, it also marks a time for the re-emergence of outdoor sports, including baseball.

Serving as home to the Ottawa Titans baseball team, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park has been a fixture of Canada’s capital since it was built back in 1992. Having served a number of teams over the years, it’s become a staple of summer baseball here in our fair city.

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