The Most Complete Outdoor Basketball System

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Mar 22, 2018 7:06:12 AM



With the spring season officially underway, planners, managers and operators are preparing once again for additional outdoor play within their communities and organizations. As we shed the layers of heavy clothing and move into something more comfortable, soccer pitches, football fields and outdoor basketball courts are once again in season.

As such, many facility managers take this time of the year to evaluate, design and/or construct their outdoor play areas for these types of sports, including basketball.

As one of the most popular sports here in North America, basketball courts in communities and in school yards are among the most high-traffic and most heavily participated areas.

At Sport Systems, we got our start in the basketball industry. With our headquarters located in picturesque Almonte, Ontario, we share this hometown with the inventor of basketball Dr. James Naismith and as such, began designing basketball hoops over 40 years ago.

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Project Update: Barbados Wildey Stadium

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Mar 20, 2018 7:16:05 AM


In the fall of 2017 we proudly announced an exciting project that had been in the planning process for a number of years. Working in conjunction with FIFA and our esteemed colleagues at the Barbados Football Association, the project was slated to get underway during the winter months.

As the details were confirmed through correspondence, it was soon time to have boots on the ground of the small island nation. As the necessary materials began arriving in Barbados to build the bleacher seating that would soon flank the sidelines of this exciting stadium, so too did our experienced installation crews.

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The Branding Opportunity Your Gymnasium Presents

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Mar 15, 2018 4:00:00 AM


Depending on who you ask, some may tell you that the gymnasium inside an academic institution is the heart of the building.: As it is often located centrally inside a building, it naturally and easily exists as the location where gatherings take place.

In addition to assemblies and other events, gymnasiums are the hub for indoor sports, attracting spectators not only from within the school but those from outside as well, such as friends and family.

As athletic programming continues to ramp up across Canada and the United States, these institutions are doing everything they can to remain relevant with regards to the programs they offer, as well as with the equipment located inside their gymnasiums.

As with any high traffic area, the opportunity to more actively brand your organization or team is highly beneficial in the gymnasium of a highly spirited school.  With many of the walls already adorned with banners and ribbons from years gone by, today’s institutions are starting from the ground up when it comes to branding their beloved schools.

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Gym Divider Curtain for the Abbotsford Recreation Centre

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Mar 13, 2018 4:00:00 AM


Following the Fraser River downstream of the Fraser Canyon, you will find the picturesque Fraser Valley of southwestern British Columbia. The fertile soil of the area accounts for over half of the province’s annual agricultural revenue and stretches into the metropolis of the great city of Vancouver.

It is here where one of our most recent projects landed us, more specifically, in the City of Abbotsford. As the largest municipality of the Fraser Valley, the city retains a good portion of its residents to work locally, rather than commute to nearby Vancouver. This among other reasons is perhaps why the Conference Board of Canada has identified Abbotsford’s economy as one of the most diverse in Canada.

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Evaluating the Best in Portable Soccer Equipment

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Mar 9, 2018 4:00:00 AM


Let’s face it, mobility is a reality for most soccer leagues and organizations across North America today. With many teams without a home pitch, the need for equipment that can be easily transported is more important today than ever before.

Today’s coaches and organizers are responsible for the complete set-up of both practices and games for their teams and with most acting on a volunteer basis, the need to get from their day job to the soccer pitch can sometimes be a struggle.

To avoid a time-consuming set-up, we proudly carry a variety of goals, nets and other accessories all designed to help make the lives of coaches and organizers a little easier. With these volunteers already sacrificing so much of their time and energy, the process for these individuals really should be as painless as possible.

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Gym Wall Padding for the Nemaska Sport Complex in Northern Quebec

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Mar 7, 2018 6:45:35 AM


Nestled along picturesque Lake Champion in northern Quebec lies the small Cree community of Nemaska. Located nearly 1,100KM north of Montreal, the community is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the area’s outdoors and diverse wildlife.

Nemaska, which means “Place to Fish” is well known as a premiere fresh water fishing locale and promotes sustainable methods of tourism in the area with help of the local residents.

Born and raised with a strong connection to the outdoors, residents are well versed in hunting, fishing, trapping and other outdoor pursuits and continue to cherish and pass down this heritage to the next generation. Serving as home to such a diverse selection of outdoor activities, the community is known for camping and canoe tours during the summer, ice fishing, dogsledding and snowmobiling in the winter and various other events and activities throughout the year.

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Specialty Mats and Padding for Gymnastics Skill Training Exercises

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Mar 1, 2018 4:03:00 AM


Balance, strength, coordination, flexibility and control are just a few of the words used to describe the sport of gymnastics. Practiced by both men and women around the world, the full-body movements prescribed by the sport require years of dedication and training.

As with most everything in sport, we are constantly learning more about our bodies and how we can better develop them for certain exercises. Strength and endurance training has long been a part of modern athletics but today’s athletes are tuning their bodies more than ever before to gain any competitive advantage available.

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New Gym Bleachers for Omaha Christian Academy

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Feb 27, 2018 4:25:54 AM


Founded in 1972 under another name, what is now known as Omaha Christian Academy began by serving 30 elementary school students with a faculty of only four teachers. Changing to its current name in 1988 and transferring to the former General Motors training facility three years later, the Academy then occupied two other spaces before settling into its permanent location.

In 2009, classes kicked off in the academy’s current location after a $1.7 million capital campaign and after many years of growth.

Today, Omaha Christian Academy services students from pre-kindergarten all the way up to high school, preparing the next generation for post-secondary education and beyond into their professional lives. In addition to educational excellence, the school is also home to a robust athletics program which includes teams in sports such as football, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball and more.

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Introducing the Lightning Bolt Bike Rack

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Feb 23, 2018 5:22:27 AM


We’ve spent decades serving municipal governments, educational facilities and parks and recreation departments with the very best in indoor athletic equipment and infrastructure. While we complete a lot of work inside gymnasiums and out on the turf, we also help these very same institutions and organizations with other products outside the immediate realm of sports and athletics.

From recycled, eco-friendly plastic benches to dynamically designed bicycle racks, our aim has been to fully service our clientele any way we possibly can. One such department that has seen great growth for us over the past decade or so is the bicycle rack. With such a dramatic increase in cycling, not only as a hobby but as a way of life, many of our customers are searching for the right solution to store them while not in use.

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Complete Wall Padding for Judo Aikibudo Quebec

Posted by Ryan Wilby

Feb 21, 2018 5:31:08 AM


Directly translated as “the path of harmony through martial practice,” the martial art of aikibudo is unique in that both the attacker and the defender are referred to as partners rather than adversaries. The Japanese martial art is unique in that the traditional philosopher recognizes neither a winner nor a loser.

Tracing its roots back to the 1930s, this martial art has gained international acclaim in recent years, particularly in France, as well as in Europe and North America.

As part of one of our more recent projects, we were introduced to the art of aikibudo by the highly-trained team at Judo Aikibudo in eastern Quebec. As a borough of beautiful and historic Quebec City, the team at Judo Aikibudo specializes not only in aikibudo but also in other martial arts such as judo, tai-chi and self-defense training for women.

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