Basketball Systems for Next Supply’s New Gymnasium

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 12, 2019 3:14:00 AM



    Taking the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by storm, the team at Next Supply has revolutionized how hydronics and plumbing supplies would be made available across this fast-paced region. By dividing the GTA into succinct zones based on neighborhoods and traffic zones, they have created a number of full-service locations across the region and have filled those locations with the very best industry talent in Toronto.

    The result has seen the decentralized business model embraced by those who have come to love the company, the people and what makes them different from the rest.

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    Last summer, we were fortunate enough to have been contacted by the good people at Next when they came to us with an idea for their new warehouse and distribution centre. Like any great company, the management team is always driving new thoughts and ideas about how they can not only improve their service and product but also, how they can better express their appreciation and gratitude for their employees.

    With keeping their organizations physical health in mind, the management team was planning a completely new multi-purpose athletic space on the second floor of their new location. While the new gymnasium and athletic space would be used for any number of team building exercises and sports, the focus was to be on basketball.


    Our task was to supply the company with a pair of ceiling-suspended basketball systems and safely install them inside the new gymnasium. Our team was quickly scrambled to the GTA and was on-location to perform final the measurements required to install these systems.

    As is the case with many of these ceiling installations, there were a few obstacles to overcome throughout the design and installation process. Bulky HVAC ducts and existing lighting fixtures had to be taken into account and our team ensured absolute due diligence during the on-site measurement process.

    Once the information was transferred back to our HQ, our design team was set loose on the project. In addition to the highly-customized installation of basketball systems, they were also tasked with designing an inclusive wall padding system to protect participants.

    The team at Next decided to leave nothing to chance and had us design a wall padding system that would see every wall in the gymnasium include our durable safety padding.

    The project was completed in the fall of 2018 and today, the space is enjoyed by the employees of one of Toronto’s finest organizations.



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