Choosing The Right Gym Floor Cover

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 17, 2014 4:00:00 AM


    By now, most of us know and realize the true value a gymnasium floor cover can bring to your athletic facility. We’ve heard countless time as to how these floor covers can save and even make your facility additional revenue due to their extreme durability and versatility.

    At this point, it comes down to simply choosing the specific type of floor cover you think will suit your facility best. While not seemingly a terribly difficult question to answer, there are a few factors to consider, mainly being what exactly it is you plan on doing with your cover, and how many times a year you plan to have it in use.

    Let’s look at the two products offered by Sport Systems, and go over the differences between the two to help you make the informed decision prior to your next purchase. We carry both a heavy duty and an ultra heavy duty protective cover product which we find serves most facilities we service quite well.

    Heavy Duty Covers

    Our lighter duty gym cover is still quite heavy duty, and like both models is made from vinyl coated polyester reinforced fabrics, is fire retardant and phthalate free. The difference being is our heavy duty covers are made up of 22 oz per square yard. This is a great cover for those that only want to use this product anywhere from 10-15 times per year and is simply used to protect the floor from foot traffic and other events where the table and chair usage is at a moderate level. Our heavy duty covers come with a 7 year limited warranty.

    Ultra Heavy Duty Covers

    Our ultra heavy duty floor cover is just that, manufactured to withstand the masses. Again, constructed of vinyl coated polyester reinforced fabrics which are phthalate free and flame resistant, our heavy duty covers go a step beyond featuring 30oz of fabric per square yard. These are made for busier facilities often serving a variety of non-sport related activities and events. We recommend these covers for any gymnasium or facility that will need a protective cover 24 times per year or more. The ultra heavy duty durability is perfect for protecting your flooring from large events like trade shows, concerts and excessive table and chair placement. Our ultra heavy duty covers come with an 8 year limited warranty.

     In the end, evaluating the true usage of your gymnasium for outside events will be the number one indicator you should use to make the decision on the type of gym floor cover you will need.  We always recommend asking for a sample, no matter what manufacturer you choose to go with.  Double check the material, and make sure it isn't made of a tarp-like material.  If the material does not feel strong enough, it probably isn't.  Do your research and make an informed decision.



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