Configuring Telescopic Bleacher Systems

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 18, 2016 10:27:50 AM


    Much like the bulk of our athletic equipment and infrastructure products and solutions, customization to fit any use or facility is in most cases, possible.  The very same can be said about our telescopic bleacher seating structures. 

    To the surprise of some, these seating structures are actually available in a wide variety of configurations and some variants are specifically designed to fit certain spaces and unique design elements found in gymnasiums and athletic complexes.

    As one of the most practical and versatile indoor seating structures on the market today, these foldable seating structures allow for additional use of space, clean design and safe operation.  Here are a few of the different ways we can configure retractable bleachers for your next project:

    Recessed Configuration


    Just as the title suggests, these systems are typically recessed into existing crevices in the walls and design of a gymnasium.  Whether your facility is already equipped with a suitable area for recessed telescopic bleachers or you are currently in the design process for a new facility or retrofit, these systems allow for even more available floor space when collapsed.

    Platform Seating


    Giving any facility a polished look is our platform-configured telescopic bleachers.  Typically used in large-scale gymnasiums or auditoriums, this type of seating allows for the use of customized individual plastic, padded or upholstered fold-down chairs.  In addition to housing the crowd for your school’s basketball team, this configuration is often used for assemblies, exams and other non-sporting events.

    Portable Systems


    Adding another level of versatility to these already-practical bleachers, our portable telescopic bleachers are not permanently installed to a wall; rather, they can be closed and moved into a separate storage space when not in use.

    Reverse Fold Systems


    Traditionally speaking, most telescopic bleachers operate in the opposite or forward-fold configuration.  Choosing a reverse-fold system allows facility owners and operators to continue to utilize the area located behind the bleacher stack.  This configuration is often used in areas such as balconies and mezzanines.


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