Custom Removable Horse Stall Padding

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 27, 2016 4:03:00 AM


    Our custom padding department may very well be one of our more far-reaching departments within our company.  Aside from the traditional athletic applications we have been known for over 35 years, our padding product selection and capabilities go far beyond that.

    While we still provide custom padding for gym walls, columns, stages and rinks, our out-of-the-box thinking and training systems have allowed us to enter a variety of other markets. 

    One such area of development from which we have experienced tremendous growth is from within the animal care and transportation sector.  As many us can relate, animals big and small mean a great deal to those of us who care for them as pets, in a commercial environment or as a hobby.  We recently launched our line of padding solutions, each custom designed for veterinary practices and applications containing solutions for animals both big and small.

    We began by supplying animal health facilities with padded recovery rooms and kick pads and quickly expanded into surgical table padding, kennel padding, recovery floor pads, head supports and more. 

    In one of our more recent padding projects we kept the same theme in mind, but ventured outside of the veterinary world. 


    Our partners at All Class Fabrication, who have been fulfilling their customers’ welding and fabrication needs since 2007, reached out to us for help with one of their projects.  An equestrian customer of theirs had enlisted All Class Fabrications’ expertise to design and build a custom folding horse stall.  Keeping the safety of the prospective attendant in mind, the customer was also interested in a complete padding solution for inside the stall, guaranteeing both the comfort and security of the animal inside.


    All Class Fabrication turned to us for support and after delivering completed technical drawings of the enclosure, asked our team to then design and supply a removable padding solution.  Featuring a sliding, barn-style door, the enclosure was in need of padding on all four walls as well as the operational door.

    Our team quickly and efficiently made use of the measurements and began the process of manufacturing the padding for use in the horse stall.  The padding was then shipped to All Class’ Grand Prairie headquarters where their team of experienced installers completed the job for the end user.



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