Tailor-Made Veterinary Padding for Animal Hospitals, Shelters & Farms

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 9, 2015 4:00:00 AM


    As with most businesses operating today, we live in an ever-changing space that moves quickly. Our product line which, originally was created to service athletic and sports-themed facilities and operations, has now evolved into so much more.

    While athletics is still a very large part of our business, we are always seeking to enter additional markets and we continue to test our products across various applications to better serve our growing clientele.

    With innovative designers and the technology already in place within our organization, we can easily pivot and take on non-traditional padding projects and make our customers’ visions a reality. We have recently expanded our custom padding services to design, manufacture and install customized padding for veterinary facilities and other animal shelter-type facilities.

    Our veterinary padding can cover most areas inside an animal hospital, shelter, farm or breeding facility. Padded animal recovery rooms are important when any anesthetic is used for surgeries and other medical procedures, complete with the necessary flooring to keep the animal both safe and comfortable.

    When transporting animals, whether for medical reasons or not, the safety of the animal is a primary concern for owners. We can safely retrofit any vehicle or trailer with the necessary padding to keep any sized animal safe while in transit.

    We also service a variety of livestock and farming facilities that provide care for larger animals such as cows and horses. Facilities where foaling and breeding practices take place, use our custom padding department to design tailor-made neonatal bedding. Horse stables and ranches will often turn to us to provide indoor padding for equine use, such as kick pads.

    Our padding used in these applications is 2” thick and is covered in our heavy-duty 18oz vinyl covering for a durable finish. Pads are available in over ten different colours and can be cut to fit windows, handles, electrical switches and more.


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