Fully Accessible Ramps, Seating and Viewing Platform for University of Waterloo’s Arena Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 11, 2017 5:51:38 AM


    Recently, we headed back to the Waterloo region of Ontario where just last year we aided the University of Waterloo in revamping their Columbia Icefields Centre.  The athletic complex, which opened in early 2014 came to our team when the need for a customized bleacher solution was required for the arena within the multi-use facility.

    It was then our team installed a three-row arena bleacher system complete with extended rear decking for standing room viewing, contoured seating with numbering and custom vinyl end curtains complete with the University’s logo.

    Adding to this project, the University once again approached our team to enhance the existing bleacher system, this time adding a level of accessibility for spectators and students that require the use of wheelchairs.


    The school was in need of a solution that would not only allow wheelchair access to the seating platform but one that would facilitate adequate viewing opportunities as well.  With our previous experience with the project, our team immediately got to work, designing a completely accessible solution for the arena.

    What was conceptualized, engineered, designed and installed was a completely accessible ramp, wheelchair viewing and seating areas, plywood decking with HDPE laminate finish and additional bleacher seating for up to 50 more spectators.


    The platforms and ramps were all founded firmly upon a steel frame, custom-fitted around the existing wood beams inside the facility.  The platform also follows the rounded contour of the end boards of the rink and was finished with a custom closure strip.

    What remains is not only a comprehensive arena bleacher system but one that is completely accessible by all spectators, offering ideal sight lines and viewing opportunities for all in attendance for future events.



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