Halifax-Stanfield International Airport Receives New Safety Padding

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 19, 2022 12:20:16 PM


    With business connections extending overseas, families geographically scattered, and new vacation destinations continually being introduced, most find themselves in an airport at one point or another. While flying is one of the most common modes of transportation, its biggest deterrent is discomfort. Teaming up to address the potential concerns of travelers, the Halifax-Stanfield International Airport has worked hard to address the physical discomforts of travelers while the US Customs and Border
    Protection services (USCBP) maintains safety as its highest priority.

    Opened in June of 1960, the Halifax-Stanfield International Airport has become a leading choice for Canadian and foreign travelers alike. Reporting 4.2 million passengers who benefited from their services in 2019, the airport maintains a variety of resources for their guests and staff. With areas such as their Worship Centre, Nursing Centre, and Maple Leaf Lounge, including numerous shopping and dining options, the physical comfort of each individual continues to be the priority of the airport.

    Identifying the need for more than just physical comfort, however, the US Customs and Border Protection services recently stepped in to implement additional airport security measures. The goal in doing so was not only to help ease the minds of guests and workers, but to confront a very practical need — safety. Taking the training of the airport’s employees to the next level, the USCBP recently invested in a new, on-site padded tactical training room.

    Completing a similar job for the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport in 2021, the credentials of Sport Systems gained the attention of the US Customs and Border Protection services. Requesting custom safety padding for the walls and floors of the airport’s training room, our team began the process of planning out the project.

    To kick off the project, the designated space was converted from a storage room to a tactical training room. Therefore, the inventory and stock that populated the space was relocated. Following this, our partners at Eastern Fence gathered the dimensions of the room. Once these specifications were collected, our team proceeded with the production of the padding. Finally, upon delivery of the finished product, Eastern Fence jumped in and installed the new products in the training room.

    Upon completion of this project, our combined team was thrilled to receive positive feedback from the USCBP. While Sport Systems has extensive experience in equipping athletic environments, our influence in other industries continues to grow. It is our hope that this new addition to the airport not only contributes towards the safety and peace of mind of individuals, but that opportunities for similar projects will continue to present themselves in the future.

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