How to Build the Right Gym Divider Curtain

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 27, 2018 6:14:26 AM


    Multifaceted spaces such as gymnasiums require multifaceted solutions when it comes to the right equipment. Whether it is seating requirements, sporting equipment, safety padding or properly dividing the space, chances are the solution that is right for your gym is going to be customized in one way or another.

    When it comes to  gym divider curtains, this sentiment could not be truer. Deciding to divide your gymnasium is a great way to add another level of versatility to the space and take on additional athletic programming. Choosing a gym divider curtain, however, is not something that should be taken lightly.

    Architectural Nuances

    No two buildings are the same and as such, a complete architectural assessment is usually required early in the planning stages. Looking up at the ceiling, roof and trusses above will immediately give a qualified supplier and installer a good idea as to which kind of products will suit your facility best.

    fieldhouse-peak-folding-gym-divider-curtain-1Image Above: PEAK FOLD GYM DIVIDER CURTAIN

    In addition to the shape of the ceiling, whether it be closed, sloped or exposed will immediately dictate the style of curtain you will need. We offer solutions that can be designed for any type of ceiling although some are often highly customized.


    Once you have established what kind of configuration is right for your space, you will need to determine how the curtain will be constructed. Generally speaking, most curtains are constructed of 50 percent mesh and 50 percent heavy-duty vinyl. This not only gives the curtains an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it is also great for air circulation in an otherwise enclosed space.


    Outside of the fifty-fifty configuration, we can design curtains of either just mesh or only vinyl. For mesh-only solutions, these are typically chosen when operators and participants want or require sightlines beyond the curtain. They can also be more budget-friendly.


    Image Above: All-vinyl Gym Divider Curtain

    All-vinyl curtains on the other hand are extremely durable but are heavy – often requiring the use of at least two motors to operate.


    This is typically the last step and is usually quickly assessed based on the choices above. What will power your curtain will very much depend on the construction. As stated above, all-vinyl curtains could require dual motors, while most other solutions are rated for one of our tubular motors.


    Outside of electric operation, we also offer a walk-draw option for our customers. In these cases, the curtain itself is typically smaller in nature and made entirely of mesh. It is opened and closed manually, often only requiring one person to operate it.



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