Important Factors To Consider When Buying An In-Ground Basketball System

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 23, 2014 10:20:00 AM


    Modern designs and models of basketball systems have evolved a long way over the years. Sifting through the sometimes overwhelming selection of pole sizes, backboard types, adjustments and other such features can leave most potential buyers a bit lost when trying to select the best system for their facilities unique needs. At Sport Systems, we have years of experience with basketball systems, in fact, it was basketball hoops that founded our company!

    This quick and informative guide will walk you through the terminology and parts of our in-ground basketball systems. We carry two models of outdoor in-ground basketball systems that have served our clients’ needs for many years now. Our BBIG Series is the most rugged and recognizable basketball systems in the outdoor sporting market. A popular choice for recreation departments, schools and community playgrounds, this goal features a welded flange, while competitors systems typically feature a “slip-on” flange that constantly requires retightening due to vibration.


    Our other outdoor in-ground basketball goal is the GP100 Series, and is a step above the BBIG Series for those looking for a slightly higher-end outdoor basketball system that can stand up to repeated use and the elements. The GP100 allows our customers to select their backboard material, backboard size extension lengths and is equipped with an industry-exclusive heavy-gauge triangular extension arm and thick bracing allowing for extended board stability.

    Some Important Features To Consider For In-Ground Basketball Systems


    With in-ground basketball systems, protection of the participants is key. With players running at high speeds toward the basketball goal, protective padding is always a great idea to protect players from a potential collision with the in-ground pole. We always recommend purchasing pole padding when ordering an outdoor basketball system to ensure player safety.


    Overhang with regards to a basketball system is the distance from the pole to the backboard, also known as “offset”. Measuring overhang is an easy task to complete; make sure your rim height is at the regulation height of 10 feet, and hang a string from the back of the backboard to the ground. Simply measure the distance between the hanging piece of string to the in-ground pole and you will have your overhang.

    Overhang is important for a couple of main reasons; firstly, it gives the participants added room to slow down or stop when moving quickly toward the goal and secondly, from a game-play stand point, it allows players ample room beneath the rim for play.


    When choosing a pole, thickness is obviously one factor that should be considered, as this will greatly affect the stability and strength of your basketball system. You will also want to ensure the pole is constructed of heavy-gauge steel for added re-enforcement. Our BBIG System comes equipped with a round heavy-gauge galvanized steel pole with a 48” gooseneck, while our GP100 is equipped with a square shaped schedule 40 steel post. The squared shape of the pole in our GP100 Series is the shape of choice with regards to basketball poles, as this is the best in the industry with regards to strength.


    In-ground outdoor basketball goals are installed using cement by one of two methods; direct bury and by using a ground sleeve. As the title suggests, a direct bury pole is a pole that is installed directly in the ground using cement. Once a pole is installed using the direct bury method, moving it is not possible without digging up the concrete area, so be extra sure upon placement. When using a ground sleeve, you will have the ability to easily move the pole if and when desired. It allows you to submit the ground sleeve into the ground, giving an extra level of portability if needed.

    Backboards & Rims

    For complete buying guide to both backboards and basketball rims and hoops, please reference our Tips For Choosing A Basketball Backboard and Rim guide.


    For more information, including pricing check out our product pages here: BBIG Series | GP100 Series


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