New Soccer Shelters for Algonquin College

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 3, 2023 10:13:00 AM


    Over the years, the game of soccer has experienced remarkable growth, much like the growth we have witnessed at one of our local colleges here in Ottawa. 

    Over the past decade, Algonquin College has grown both physically and academically to become one of Canada’s top colleges, offering programming in interior design, commerce, hospitality and tourism, early childhood education, nursing and much more.

    Proud to have been a part of the college’s growth, we have been involved with them for a number of years across a variety of projects. After completing upgrades in their gymnasium last year, the college once again reached out to our team to help them with some upgrades on their fast-paced soccer pitch.

    Following a big storm that hit the area late last year, the school was left with a number of soccer shelters that had sustained terrible damage and were virtually unusable for the Algonquin Wolves soccer club.


    With hopes of getting the pitch in tip-top shape for the 2023 season, the college came to us to find suitable replacement shelters for the return of the Wolves soccer season. Making a slight upgrade to what was previously on-site, the college opted for a set of completely enclosed shelters with benches to keep players out of the weather should it turn nasty.

    Given the polished look of the new shelters, they were instantly approved and shipped directly to the college. It was there they were assembled and placed out on the field, ready for play.

    While we trust these shelters will hold up in inclement weather conditions, we wish them only blue skies and a successful season and for this coming year!

    Go Wolves!


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