New Telescopic Bleachers Complete with GameDay GraFX Logos for West Carleton High

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 8, 2024 6:03:00 AM


    Located in the rural west-end of the city of Ottawa is West Carleton Secondary School. Set on over 100 acres of land, the school serves as home to nearly 1,500 students, focusing both on academics and athletics. Known as the West Carleton Wolves, the school’s athletic department features sports teams in hockey, basketball, badminton, curling and volleyball. 

    After a massive expansion to accommodate more students in 2018, West Carleton has continued to focus on improvements. One particular improvement took place in the school’s gymnasium, where an outdated set of bleachers was “locked out” rendering it unsafe and barely usable.


    As with many older sets of telescopic bleachers, the mechanical parts eventually fail or malfunction over time. This particular set of wooden retractable bleachers was no longer operating in a safe manner and prompted a call to our headquarters to assess the situation. Given the close proximity to our office, our team was on-site quickly to have a look at the bleachers.

    Our team was quick to confirm that the seating would inevitably become a hazard in the very near future and we offered a few solutions. Working closely with key stakeholders from both the school and the board, both parties ultimately settled on two new banks of our state-of-the-art telescopic bleachers for the gymnasium. These two new banks fit perfectly along the wall in the gymnasium and provided seating for 360 spectators when completed.

    In addition to the seating, members from the school were intrigued by our GameDay GraFX product that digitally adheres logos and other designs to telescopic bleacher seating. Looking at a few of our past jobs, they were fully convinced that this had to be included. Our engineering team got to work designing both the bleachers and the new logo to be placed on the seats. Working with some outdated graphics, our design team was able to improve their logo and provide them with a modernized visual upgrade.


    What was produced looked amazing. Our team took advantage of the recent Spring Break period to install the new seating while the students and staff were enjoying some much-needed time off. The staff and students all returned to find their gymnasium transformed with the new seating that is sure to bolster the already burgeoning athletic programs for the school.

    Representing the Wolves athletics program, the new seating now gives the student section a lot more to cheer about.

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