Sport Systems Provides Lincoln Southeast High School with New Telescopic Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Apr 5, 2022 2:51:12 PM

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    From the small town of Springfield to the city of Omaha, Sport Systems is privileged to work throughout the great state of Nebraska. While this part of the United States is often overlooked, the simplicity and comfort found in the Midwest makes Nebraska an appealing destination. More specifically, the city of Lincoln, including Lincoln Public Schools, provides the ideal environment for raising a family. As with many projects in this part of the country, we were proud to, once again, partner with the team at Crouch Recreation. Having worked together on a number of other projects in the great state of Nebraska, this is yet another example of the power and skill behind our dealer network.

    Serving a city of an estimated 291,082 people in 2020 (“Nebraska Cities by Population”), Lincoln Public Schools oversees seven high schools in the area. One of which is the Lincoln Southeast High School (LSE), which recently recruited the assistance of Sport Systems to provide large-scale, indoor Telescopic Bleachers. After our team’s experience with a similar project at Millard North High School, we felt confident that we could meet the expectations and needs of the school. Sport Systems happily accepted the job and began the process of executing the project.

    With many facilities turning to our space-saving Telescopic Bleachers, the request to provide this equipment to Lincoln Southeast High School came as no surprise. Able to be produced on both large and small scales, these bleachers provide the ability to modify the room’s available space based on the needs of a particular activity or event. While LSE is home to numerous athletic teams, this upgrade will benefit the school’s basketball and volleyball teams the most.

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    The end result of this project showcases an impressive bleacher system emblazoned with the school’s signature gold and black. This colour palette mirrors the logo of the school which was initially created by then-students in the 1950s (“Our Identity”). Not only will the colours of the bleachers help to encourage school spirit, but they will also enable an increased capacity for spectators. It is our hope that by permanently increasing the gymnasium’s capacity to serve its student body, young athletes will continue to be encouraged for years to come.

    This marks yet another great project with our partners at Crouch Recreation and Lincoln Public Schools.

    Watch the video below to see the results of our hard work!

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