The Art of Placing a Gym Floor Cover

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 22, 2018 5:13:59 AM


    You’ve done your research, tested a few different products, and have finally chosen a heavy-duty vinyl gym floor cover for your facility. During the process, you have assessed the prospective use of the cover, what you expect from it, and are expecting to save thousands in possible damages and perhaps even earn a little extra from your cover during its life.

    Choosing the right floor covering system can often be the hardest part, but now that you have the cover in your facility, proper operation is the key to success moving forward.

    Rolls and Rolls

    Depending on how educated one might be on the subject, it might shock some to learn that these large floor covering systems are not one large blanket. These floor covers come in multiple rolls pre-measured to fit the prospective space. During the planning process, we work closely with customers to ensure the proper measurements are taken using both photography, architectural drawings and where necessary, on-site visits.

    It is during this process that we determine how many rolls will be suitable to effectively cover the gymnasium floor. While most gymnasiums in the United States and Canada are similar in size, there are many that do not fit the traditional mold or those facilities that only require covering a portion of the flooring.

    No matter the size, these covers come in rolls ranging in width from six to ten feet, depending on the space. While it might seem daunting to have to manually roll out multiple rolls of vinyl, two people can easily handle a standard-sized gymnasium in about 30 minutes.

    The Art of the Roll

    Given that these covers come in rolls, there is somewhat of an art form facility managers and maintenance staff must master. Each roll is meant to slightly overlap the previously laid roll to ensure proper protection. When it comes to securing the rolls together, nothing beats our specially formulated seam tape. Manufactured specifically for this purpose, it will never leave behind a sticky residue and will allow for the rolls to be rolled up with ease when not in use.

    Storage Matters

    Gymnasium storage is sparse. Maximize the space you have by complimenting your gym floor covering system with one of our custom-made storage racks. Not only will they allow for easy roll-away storage, they also prevent creases and tears, adding years of life to your investment.


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