The Final Product: The University of Western Ontario's New Stadium

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 1, 2022 3:15:00 AM


    We officially got started on this project towards the end of 2020. In what was a tendered project we were proudly awarded, we worked closely with key stakeholders at the Unversity of Western Ontario who were looking to us to bring some of the energy, design and flair that was so prominent when we were tasked with upgrading Richardson Stadium at Queen's University.

    We got to work on the first phase of the project in early 2021 when the school first floated the idea of a full-scale renovation to their historic stadium by our team. Looking to both keep spectators safe all while adding to the experience, our team was tasks to see the Alumni Stadium project to completion.


    The structural reinforcements are where our team first got down to business. In a stadium with such a storied past, riddled with countless winters and the constant stress of spectators, we always start from the ground up on these type of projects. Working closely with school engineers, our engineering department started below the structure and made their way upward addressing the partial replacement of the bleachers’ decking, upgraded staircases, the installment of a closed-step design with handrails, the replacement of the seats in the VIP Section, replacing the façade with powder-coated aluminum, and the addition of a camera platform.


    Following these portions of the upgrades, the stadium was treated to an all new field surface and an entirely new lighting stadium to make this venue truly shine.

    We'd like to congratulate our partners at Western for another amazing project and one that will undoubtedly go down as one of the most beautiful football stadiums here in Canada.

    Go Mustangs!




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