The Space-Conscious Design of Hide-A-Bench Seating Surfaces

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 21, 2017 4:00:00 AM


    Whether it be in your educational, community, professional or athletic facility, the need to more efficiently utilize space will continue to be integral for growing spaces. As more programs continue to expand and seek to accommodate more participants, the need for space-saving products has become vital for many facilities.

    Having nearly 40 years worth of experience in the market, we have seen first-hand how this need has not only grown, but also how companies such as ours have continued to innovate and push the envelope to deliver the products our clients need.

    As our line of gym divider curtains, retractable bleachers and portable basketball systems continues to expand, we have added another unique product to our award-winning line-up. While retractable bleacher systems remain as the leading source of versatile seating solutions, the fact remains that in some cases, these seating systems can be too large for certain spaces and facilities.


    Many facilities need only enough seating to accommodate a handful of spectators at various times throughout the year. In response to requests for smaller bleachers and other seating platforms, we have expanded our bench seating product line to include Hide-A-Benches.

    These innovative seating surfaces are unique in that they are small enough to fit into most spaces and are easily folded into the wall surface, extending a mere six inches off the wall. Without requiring multiple people or a powerful electric motor, these benches are quickly folded down when needed and just as quickly folded back up along the wall’s surface.

    These benches are available in two configurations; either a one-tier model, which only offers seating along one bench or a two-tier model, which offers two rows of seating. These are available in various lengths allowing customers to choose from 9’, 12’, 15’, 18’ or 21’ lengths, depending on your facility’s needs.


    Made from the same durable aluminium as our other bleacher products, these benches are built to last and are easily installed onto most flat surfaces.

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