When You Should Consider Motorized Telescopic Gym Bleachers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 3, 2016 4:00:00 AM


    If you own or operate a facility that contains an open space such as a gymnasium, the versatility of a telescopic bleacher system cannot be beat.  Stacking up against a wall or installed within a recessed wall, these seating structures are discrete when not in use.  When the time comes for a special or athletic event, these bleachers can be pulled out either manually or by way of electric operation, giving spectators a proper place to sit and cheer.

    In addition to the versatility of these systems, they can also be customized in a number of different ways including the number of rows, the kind of seating installed and with custom colour configurations.  Oftentimes you will see these seating systems adorned with the school or team colours across each row of seating and we even have the ability to customize messaging such as school or team initials.

    One question we often field regarding these structures is when our customers wonder at what point they should consider electric operation over manual operation.  As we stated above, these retractable bleacher systems are available in both configurations, but as these structures get larger to seat more people, oftentimes the need for a motorized unit becomes very apparent.


    While there is no cut-and-dry answer to this question, simply because of the complexity and customization of each and every unit we sell, we can provide some rough guidelines that should lead you down the correct path during the research phase of your next bleacher purchase.

    As a general rule of thumb, we always recommend electric operation for any retractable bleachers that feature seven rows of seating or more.  As these systems get larger with each row of seating, so too does the overall weight of the unit and while they are designed to roll in and out, these heavy rows can be a challenge for even the strongest maintenance staff.

    If you are unsure as to which configuration is best for you, your facility or your staff, be sure to chat with a member of our award-winning sales team.  They will work closely with you to configure the best seating system and will make unbiased and educated recommendations that will best suit your facility and organization.



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