Unique Shooting Lane Divider Netting for Athol Murray College of Notre Dame

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 15, 2017 5:25:07 AM


    One of our recent projects brought us to the picturesque Canadian prairies to the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame located in Wilcox, Saskatchewan.  Wrought with humble beginnings back in the 1920’s, today this high school is one of the premier private Catholic education institutions in the country, committed to developing young men and women to become purposeful leaders with virtuous character and a global mindset.

    Known for their competitive spirit and propensity for victory, the Notre Dame Hounds are renowned for their athletic prowess.  In 2006 the school’s athletic programming yielded more than $1.6 million in academic and athletic scholarships to American and Canadian universities.

    In continuing to enhance the athletic facilities of the institution, the development of a 4,200 square foot off-ice hockey training facility housed within the school’s Duncan McNeill Arena was finalized in December 2016.  The facility boasts an impressive 3,000 square foot open synthetic ice surface with enclosed area, featuring boards for goalie and player-specific training, four synthetic-ice shooting lanes, a Rapid Shot Machine, Rapid Hands Machines and a flexible-use skills area for puck handling and passing.

    As part of this addition, the school reached out to our team along with our partners at KM Burgess Construction to design, construct and install a solution for their four synthetic shooting lanes.  In answering the call, our partners visited the site and provided our design team with the exact specifications needed to design a comprehensive solution for the school.


    With the interest of having a safe netting solution as well as one that would allow adequate visibility for the coaching staff, our team immediately got to work on a highly customized net divider system. 

    The final product was a unique netting system designed to run down both sides of the shooting lane that could easily be drawn back when needed.  In addition to the functionality, the product was completed with custom cut-outs, additional rib lines for increased stability, a heavy chained bottom and adequate visibility for coaching purposes.

    We were more than happy to have been involved with such a wonderful organization in providing them with a truly unique solution for their training facility.



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