Ceiling-Suspended Basketball Backstop Replacement & Wall-Mounted Basketball Backstop Retrofit for Ecole Elementaire Publique Carrefour Jeunesse

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Sep 6, 2016 4:00:00 AM


    Ecole Elementaire Publique Carrefour Jeunesse is situated in the community of Rockland, Ontario, east of the city of Ottawa.  A small, bilingual community bordered by the Ottawa River to the north and Larose Forest to the south, Rockland has transformed into a picturesque location offering visitors plenty of vibrant outdoor activities.

    It was 1990 when Ecole Elementaire Publique Carrefour Jeunesse first opened its doors, housing a total of 55 students from kindergarten to grade 6 in a commercial building redeveloped for education.  Two years later, the school broke ground on their current location and has never looked back.

    The school’s gymnasium was in need of some updating, particularly when it came to the basketball systems currently installed.  In search of a solution for the main court and cross court sections of their gymnasium, the school reached out to our team in an effort to design the perfect space.


    For the main court, the school opted to go with a complete ceiling-suspended basketball system package.  The package included a pair of forward-folding basketball systems complete with steel fan-shaped backboards, breakaway goals, electric winches and height adjusters and Aut-O-Loc safety strap systems.

    These new systems now allow for the easy retraction of the basketball systems into the ceiling by ways of electrical operation, providing additional overhead clearance for other sports and events.


    In the cross court section of the gymnasium, the existing wall-mounted basketball systems were not originally installed to the regulation playing height of 10 feet.  Our team removed the four existing systems and retrofitted them to be anchored into the walls at the correct elevation.  We completed the retrofit by installing new steel fan-shaped backboards complete with manual height adjusters and new rims on all four systems.




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