Get Your Netting Fix with Our Netting Kit This Winter

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 1, 2016 5:17:23 AM


    With snow flurries in the forecast, winter is upon us (most of us anyways) and with that comes the busy season in hockey rinks and ice surfaces across Canada and the United States.

    As the fastest game on ice, hockey is also considered to be one of the most high-impact sports on the planet and with good reason.  In addition to quick-moving skaters and errant hockey sticks, the game is centred on a gliding puck that at times, can be travelling at over 100 miles per hour.

    While the majority of hockey rinks are equipped with boards and proper spectator protection using heavy-duty glass, the risk of spectator injury in the game is still rising due to deflected pucks.  With up to 12 sticks being on the ice at any time, the risk for a deflected puck to clear the boards and head into the crowd was and is still, very high.  In fact, it was not until 2002 that the National Hockey League finally made a ruling stating that all ice surfaces were to be equipped with additional netting surrounding both goals above the height of the glass.


    Since then, many recreational facilities have followed suit and even though in many jurisdictions there is no governing body or regulations surrounding the topic, it has been accepted by many municipalities, organizations and community groups as an industry standard and best safety practice.

    This is not strictly reserved for indoor ice hockey rinks either; many outdoor rinks too have since installed protective netting surrounding each of the goals on the ice. 


    With the popularity and demand increasing dramatically over the past decade for this type of netting enclosure, we spent time developing a product that would solve the problem:

    Sport Systems Netting Kits

    Designed specifically to enclose the ends of a hockey rink, our netting kit is comprised of two panels of 1” diamond mesh netting.  Each panel is dyed black in colour and is U.V. treated, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Each panel measures 12’H x 30’L and are designed to be placed at each end of the rink, behind each of the hockey goals.

    In making these into a kit, we can easily service both the residential and commercial markets with this product.  As parents and teens head out and begin to plan their own outdoor ice surfaces, those with the inclination can purchase one of these kits to keep stray pucks in play, protect property such as vehicles and homes, and keep any and all spectators free from harm.

    Our holiday netting special is now on!  Currently, our netting kits are available for purchase with NO-MINIMUMS and flat rate shipping across Canada.  Contact us today for yours!

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