Vital Funding for Children with Special Needs from PC Children’s Charity

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 9, 2017 4:02:00 AM


    With the slogan “Helping Kids Do Anything”, President’s Choice Children’s Charity® does just that.  Through the program, the charity aims to help children of all ages who are in need of nutritional and special needs assistance.

    As the most important meal of the day, the charity both supports and sponsors the Breakfast for Learning program, which was instituted back in 1992 by a group of editors with Canadian Living Magazine.  The program was started to ensure that children from all walks of life have access to proper nutrition and since its inception, has fed more than four million children by providing over 638 million meals and snacks.

    Additionally, the program proudly supports Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, providing $1,000,000 in grants to ensure proper nutrition and facility upgrades in clubs across the country.

    In addition to these two arms of the charity, the organization also provides grants and assistance to children requiring specialized equipment or living arrangements based on their special needs.  Created for families whose children have been diagnosed with different disabilities, the program supports those suffering from cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and other physical and developmental disabilities.

    The parameters for eligibility are relatively simple, as applicants should be under the age of 18, have been diagnosed with a physical or developmental disability, have a household income of $70,000 or less and be a Canadian citizen or permanent Canadian resident.

    We have proudly worked on a number of projects funded by this program, often providing much-needed padding solutions to children and families in need.  For more information, we invite you to visit for more information.

    About President's Choice® Children’s Charity

    President’s Choice® Children’s Charity is committed to helping children across Canada, with a focus on supporting children with disabilities and fighting childhood hunger. The cost of administration and operations of the Charity is funded by Loblaw Companies Limited, ensuring that 100 percent of every dollar donated goes to helping kids and their families. The charity offers funding across Canada and dollars are granted in the region in which they are raised. Since 1989, the charity has awarded more than $100 million, reaching more than 1.3 million children. For more information on the President’s Choice® Children’s Charity or to donate online, visit

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