3 Products Designed with the Environment In Mind

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 15, 2019 6:47:02 AM


    We are all blessed to live on such a beautiful planet and for many of us, keeping it in great shape is a priority. As new initiatives are released on a daily basis, there is much for each one of us to do to make the world a better place for the next generation.

    While we all have an individual responsibility to our planet, we believe as a business we do too. This is why, where and whenever possible, we aim to source and utilize the very best materials for our products and to ensure they are manufactured in a way that has as little impact as possible.

    With that in mind, we wanted to highlight a few of our products that we proudly supply that are made using recycled materials. These popular products can be found in gymnasiums and athletic facilities around the world and it is our hope to expand our offerings using recycled materials where the opportunity exists.

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    Look for Us at the 2017 Parks and Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and Tradeshow

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Mar 28, 2017 4:01:00 AM


    As we round out the tradeshow season, we come upon one of the last, but certainly not the least of tradeshows we always enjoy taking part in; the Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) Educational Forum and Tradeshow.

    No two tradeshows are the same and we truly enjoy each one we have a chance to take part in, as each has something slightly different to offer and is what ultimately keeps us returning year after year.  As we look forward to meeting with our American partners in the fall at the Athletic Business Conference, the PRO conference allows us to do that as well, but in our home province of Ontario.

    Here in Ontario, not many other tradeshows act as such a strong leader and hub for recreational and community planning as the PRO show and while it is based in Ontario, the show attracts vendors, speakers and attendees from across both Canada and the United States.

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    Athletic Business Show Recap

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Nov 24, 2016 4:01:00 AM


    With our head offices located in Canada, we usually jump at the chance to head south for either pleasure or business, especially as the cold winter months approach.  Such an opportunity presented itself this year (and every year for that matter), this one in particular being the Athletic Business Show (AB Show).

    One of the athletic industry’s premier tradeshows, the AB Show was held late last week down in sunny Orlando, Florida.  For the past 34 years, the AB Show has been treating professionals to educational seminars and workshops, social receptions with some of the industry’s most respected keynote speakers.

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    Follow Up: Sport Systems Partners with Seneca College for Applied Research Project

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Aug 27, 2015 11:36:21 AM





    This past spring, we partnered up with a group of researchers from Seneca College in Markham, Ontario to perform an intensive applied research and innovation project. The goal of this project was to undertake exploratory secondary market research on five Middle Eastern countries including: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait and evaluate those that might offer attractive business opportunities for Sport Systems moving forward.

    This project took place over a fourteen-week period in which all the work involved was undertaken in collaboration with and with guidance from the Seneca College Applied Research and Innovation Department, with the ongoing help of the Seneca College Library Specialists and the support staff of the Faculty of Business.

    All of the secondary market research used in conjunction with this project was carried out according to the Forum for International Trade and Training’s (FITT) format and requirements.

    Working closely with our management team for the duration of this project, Seneca’s researchers introduced a number of weighted factors based on our preferences, such as country size and future growth potential, political characteristics, strength of demand of associated products, commercial infrastructure and more.

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    Sport Systems Partners with Seneca College for Applied Research Project

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jun 18, 2015 7:21:00 AM


    Our humble roots have been cemented over the past 35 years in Almonte, Ontario, a small town just outside of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. Over those years we have watched the town around us grow in unison with our company. We began by selling basketball rims in the birthplace of basketball’s inventor, James Naismith, and have since expanded into serving institutions such as municipalities, colleges, universities and other educational facilities with the very best in sports infrastructure and equipment.

    Presently we distribute service and manufacture everything from basketball rims and bleachers to gym divider curtains and gymnastic mats to our clientele not just here in Canada, but around the world. We began, by servicing local clients primarily and quickly expanded into supplying much of Canada and the United States with the very best equipment and customized solutions for educational and sporting facilities.

    Today, our business continues to grow outside the confines of North America. Over the past year or two, we have received orders from a variety of international clients, with a great deal of them coming from the Middle East.

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