What You Need to Know About Half-Ice Hockey

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jan 8, 2019 4:42:00 AM


    Half-ice hockey has recently been declared as the new standard for youth hockey. In fact, both USA Hockey and Hockey Canada have ruled that novice leagues and players are now required to institute the half-ice playing style. If you’re a parent, or a student yourself, you likely have some questions about this change.

    Parental Concerns

    By far, one of the most common concerns parents have voiced since these changes have been announced is: “How is this real hockey? 

    This is a question best answered by the studies that prove young children (8 and under) need to focus on having fun and developing key skills. They will be learning a range of valuable skills in half-ice hockey on a rink layout that’s better suited to their pace, size, and skill level.

    Some game changes will promote more play time as well, fostering interest in the sport of hockey. 

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    How Cross-Ice Hockey Helps Young Players Hone Their Skills

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Oct 18, 2018 4:41:00 AM


    There are plenty of gadgets out there today, all created with the goal of helping hockey players become the best on their team, but what’s really necessary?

    Out of all the techniques and tactics being employed today to help young hockey players prove their worth in the rink, cross-ice hockey is among the most successful of them all.

    Why Cross-Ice Hockey?

    For younger players, cross-ice hockey came to the forefront back in the 1970s although it wasn’t adopted into American and Canadian hockey leagues until just recently. It sprouted from a study that realized for amateur youth hockey games, players had an average of .5 shots per game.

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    Keep It In Play with our Portable Boundary Systems

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Dec 7, 2017 6:57:19 AM

    Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 6.54.23 AM.png

    When it comes to creating a barrier that is safe for players and one that can keep the game contained, solutions vary. From netting to fencing products, there is no shortage of options on the market today that can keep pucks, balls and players inside a pre-determined field of play.

    With a rise in organized street hockey tournaments, backyard games and other events, the need for a safe alternative to rigid fence barriers is now more apparent than ever. As parents, organizers and players aim to keep play as safe as possible, many have entered into the foray of custom padding barriers for their facility or event.

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    The Unique Design Elements of Our Foam Hockey Rink Dividers

    Posted by Ryan Wilby

    Jul 20, 2017 4:20:00 AM


    With the development of what is known as the Cross-Ice Hockey; a program recently initiated across both Canada and the United States by their governing hockey bodies, our research and development and design teams have been busy coming up with the best solution to making this program become implemented on a large scale.

    What began as a pilot project, Cross-Ice Hockey was instituted and geared toward novice-aged players across North America. Requiring that the ice surface be divided in half,  this allows younger players the time needed to properly develop their skills as well as effectively utilizing available ice space in local arenas.

    What they have found so far is that the program keeps younger players in a constant state of involvement in the game and hence, develops better camaraderie among players and enhances on-ice skills.

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